Map of Snowdonia Pass deals

It’s easy to find the Snowdonia Pass deals nearest to you when you use our map.

You can click on any purple ticket to open an information panel which outlines the Snowdonia Pass deal available and the contact details of the partner that’s offering the deal.

If you click the “full screen” icon in the top right hand corner of the map, you’ll open the map in a new window and will see a full list of available deals in the left hand panel. Click any of these for more information.

If you click the ‘view in Google Maps’ link at the bottom of any deal’s information panel, you can then use standard Google Maps features such as “Street View”, “directions” and “send to your phone”.

And if you click the ‘share’ icon, you can share the map on social media or in an email, and even embed the map in a page of your own website.

It’s worth noting that as some deals are clustered together in small areas of the map (particularly in areas like Caernarfon, Porthmadog and Llanberis) you may need to zoom in to see the deals spaced further apart.

Please remember that some deals have terms and conditions attached; you’ll find details of any T&Cs at the bottom of each partner’s profile page in the deals section at this website.

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